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Sup comm FA ( Supreme Commander Forge Alliance ) is one of the best RTS games i have ever played. What makes this RTS so much fun is the fact that u can do about what ever u like to do as long as u have the resources to handle it. There are only 2 resources u have to worry about energy, which powers all your stuff, and mass, which u have to have to build things out of. I really like the system of game play that THQ has made here, but some people really ain't got use to it yet. When u start a match in sup comm, u will start off with storage of both resources to get u going on your builds, but your 0 unto u get a power generator or a mass extractor going up in production. In order to build things u need to make a engineer. These little guys are cool like robots that will go around and do whatever u command them to do as long as u got the resources to handle it. To build them u use your command to build a factory. There are 3 different types of factories, LAND, NAVEL, AIR. Building these 3 factory will give u the ability to make units.

There is all kinds of stuff u can upgrade too, like your Commander and other things. The commanders can upgrade there arms and head to do diff things. The commander I think is your greatest tool, not only can he build fast but u can fight with him and make him assist other units. As u go throughout the game u are playing, u will go up in techs as u upgrade too. There is tech 1 2 3 and experimental. Experimental is like the big daddy of all units, it takes more resources to make the guys and when u get one on the map u know it. All and all ,there is a lot u can build in here.[right]Image[/right]

As u are playing and tech up , u see all the things u are building just pop up on your build plans. As u progress u can either be OFFENSE or DEFENSIVE player , or both it is up to u how u play it. As long as u got the resources and power to handle your plan , u can do it. And there is no limit to what u can do, u can make 30 engineers to help your commander if u wanted too for an example. It is really all up to u how u play it, tech up and control your whole network of stuff u have on the map. [right]Image[/right]

Another reason i really like this game so much, is the fact that u can join other people just by lan to there IP address. That makes it really easy to have multiplayer games. One person host, the rest just hop right in, very easy.There is still a big community left out there 2. All kinds of fun things u can download, mods, patches, and more. Plus there probably is 1000s of maps u can get online to make your game that much more fun for u and your friends. U will not need a mega computer to run this game, but a good processor is preferred. The unit cap can be set at a 1000 and on stream version 2500, which can be processing on your computer. It has pretty good graphics for a game that was made in 2005 or 06, and it's DX-10 support. I think it is great looking. Every thing they got in here looks cool. When u play u can zoom in and look around on the battlefield and have a good look for yourself.

Pros: Great Game Play for an RTS, decent graphics
Nice Campaign for single player mode, Super Multiplayer

Cons: I wish the AI in campaign and multiplayer was better but it is not to bad. There are some bugs that can be fixed if you download patch. Currently we are playing on 3599 with the Total Mayhem Mod. But there are still a few issues. If you own the game depending on it you have it on steam or disk you can get on gpnet. There are newer updates that have made it even better.

All and all this is a great game. If you have not tried it you should. Some of the members in LA have been playing recently. If anyone would like to try it flee free to contact me here or on TS. Or someone in LA. We will have all the info you need to get started at the chess like game of Sup Comm :)




Sat Dec 14, 2013 17:53 UTC
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Yup i've played it a few times and its a great game! I have the steam version and the mod system forged alliance forever.
One word, experimentals >)


Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:48 UTC
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