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Liberation Armada is a multi-game gaming clan who are a social community with down to earth leaders and crew. Currently the clan is run by Fleet Admirals Eire, Guido and Ireland. While we use the rank system based off Star Trek, we do not do role-playing like traditional Star Trek-based gaming clans, nor do we do inter-clan diplomacy. We view other clans as either Neutral, Friend or Enemy. If you are interested in joining, you can register here.

Brief Summary of what we are about.

Liberation Armada was founded in 2008 by former Fleet Admirals Browneh, Gendrix and Sloppy. The name "Liberation Armada" was chosen to represent their goal of "liberating" Bridge Commander from the wrath
and idiocy of, at the time, Devil Dogs clan. Since then it's gone through several command changes and evolved into a multi-gaming clan strucutred around Star Trek's navel rank system but not taking on the role-playing aspect. Instead it's become a social community run by Fleet Admirals Ireland, Guido(110576)
and Eire.

Games we support:

  • Star trek Bridge Commander
  • Steam Games
  • Star Trek Online
  • World of Tanks
  • Minecraft
  • ArmA 2
  • Navyfield
  • Freelancer
  • Eve Online
  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Useful Links


Bridge Commander KM1.0 Mod

Steam Group

Xfire Group




Livestreams of LA gaming as it happens!


LA Livestream
Click here to watch on Twitch



The portal is a frontpage for the forums where all the recent important announcements are displayed, the teamspeak server monitor, links to our friends and other information you may or may not find useful.


The shoutbox is where you can post a comment in realtime for everyone to see and respond of they are active on the forum. This is publically viewable so please watch what you post there.


The forums are where all the information is stored. We have forums for our supported games, guest forums, entertainment forums and member forums. There are a few themes to pick from but we recommend the default one as it will be the most up to date. Also during certain times of the year we will add a seasonal theme for everyone to enjoy so watch out for those.

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